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After our initial design meeting, I'll start assembling a digital design board, gather inspirational images with a broad design concepts and establish a project timeline. If your project requires structural changes, it will likely be necessary to onboard a structural engineer. I work with an amazing group of construction & fabrication trade professionals and would be happy to make introductions.  Technical projects, such as kitchen and bath remodels, full home renovations, home additions, and construction project management are my passion and expertise. 

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Once we finalize the design development and all the selections are made, I will prepare all construction documentation needed for your build team to execute. From a simple, one room furniture layout to a full-home renovation digital construction plan set, I am here for you. All the materials, fixtures and finish selections will be clearly recorded and available for you and the build team in a real-time digital design specification documents.

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I like to begin our design process by meeting you onsite for a walkthrough and to discuss your needs and intentions with your space. I may share a design questionnaire with you as well to further learn about your project, design style and your lifestyle. Once I have a clear understanding, a design agreement proposal with a defined scope of work will be drafted for your review.  Fast forward past boring legal paperwork and on to the world of creative design magic.  

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The next part of the project is the design development phase. I will present you with well thought-through solutions such as creative layouts to improve the function of your space, design palettes with materials and finishes specification including but not limited to loose or built-in furnishings, tiles, plumbing or lighting fixtures, colors schemes, fabrics, wallpaper, hardware, accessories or anything your specific project needs. I always like to gather a progress feedback from my clients after every meeting or a design presentation to ensure we are on the right track and the design process stays efficient and creative.

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With having an extensive design and construction project management experience in the  past  few  years, I can assist with this stressful part of the renovation process as well. From the material procurement, quality control during fabrication/build phase or any other organizational aspect of the renovation process, I've been there and can make your life much easier by taking it off your shoulders.

But one thing is the most important of all ~ I love to collaborate with my clients very closely and it's important for me to make them feel as the integral part of the whole process and ultimately the driving force on the journey to

the extraordinary result!

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